Your every day – it matters

I believe it is now time to make moves. Your beliefs are valid. Your opinions are your own. Your voice matters. What you do every day, it matters. I write this from a perspective of someone unable to quit everything to go volunteer or support an important cause. I write this from the perspective thatContinue reading “Your every day – it matters”

Politics and Work, Work and Politics

Amid elections, politics, different times of opinions and outcomes – it is easy to get caught up. Caught up, mostly, with your own feelings…feelings that are then fueled by others with similar (or better yet, differing) opinions. And this is normal. We have opinions, we cast votes, we choose different sides. And we should. ThatContinue reading “Politics and Work, Work and Politics”

3 Generations Take NYC, Lesson by Lesson

November 4th ish, 2015: Chapter 1: What I learned on my trip to NYC (before I even landed)   The group text was blowing up for weeks. “What shows are we seeing? Can I borrow your sweater? What time is flight? I’m so excited!!” Weeks. And finally, it was time. Wednesday, November 4th proved toContinue reading “3 Generations Take NYC, Lesson by Lesson”

Because it’s going to suck for awhile

I often write of being lost, not knowing what I’m doing, trusting the process…you get it. And then sometimes I write about things like “the wow moment” or moments when I find what I am looking for, where I realize that everything has happened a certain way for a reason. And then it repeats. It’sContinue reading “Because it’s going to suck for awhile”