Why I Do What I Do: PR and Advertising

I was prepping for potential future interviews earlier this week, cup of coffee in hand, coming up with questions that hypothetical future employers may ask me, and planning accordingly (nerd life). What are your strengths? Check. What are you weaknesses? Check. Do you work well with others? Check. Why do you do public relations? Uncheck.Continue reading “Why I Do What I Do: PR and Advertising”

The Cool Thing About Creation

Or how this piece of writing came to be. Assignment: Create something. Uh, okay. Most of us have been given tasks at different times in our lives that were so simple, they were hard. We think things like “this has to be a trick,” or “I have to do something exceptional, something genius. You know,Continue reading “The Cool Thing About Creation”

Finding that Love (And Growing Up in the Process)

Some people are obsessed with finding someone that they love, someone that loves them back. Personally, I’m obsessed with finding something that I love, something that loves me back. And I’ve found it. My hope is that everyone finds it at some point. It doesn’t mean that you have to know exactly what job title and responsibilities you want,Continue reading “Finding that Love (And Growing Up in the Process)”

A Fifth Year Senior & Greek Life Alum, Amidst the Excitement that is Recruitment

Due to Instagram and other social media platforms, it’s almost impossible to not realize that sorority recruitment at the University of Nevada ended today, with the “best day of the year” (as some captions claimed), Bid Day. I graduated from my chapter last spring, although I am continuing on in my fifth (and final) yearContinue reading “A Fifth Year Senior & Greek Life Alum, Amidst the Excitement that is Recruitment”

Passion Is The Root of All Greatness

Every once in awhile you are lucky enough to participate in or be exposed to something phenomenal, something beautifully eye-opening. Yesterday, I was blessed enough to do just that. International project Dear World was brought to my institution (by none other than my college, my work and the location in which I work-yeah I amContinue reading “Passion Is The Root of All Greatness”