Why I Write (And Share Excessively)

Contrary to my social media activity and excessive blog post sharing, I am actually a decently closed off person. I hardly ever cry even though I am a pretty sensitive person (and if you see me start to tear up I’ll talk about how dumb I am for a solid five minutes and then proceedContinue reading “Why I Write (And Share Excessively)”

Identity: Ballerina

You have 160 characters to describe yourself in your Twitter bio. As an aspiring branding specialist, I care a lot about how my profile comes across (hence the profile picture change at least 3 times a week). So, how am I going to position myself… Aspiring journalist? Okay, that’s what I am. Aspiring writer? So hipster,Continue reading “Identity: Ballerina”

An Unfaltering Love

There are 4,140 universities and colleges in the United States alone. There are 14,473,884 undergraduate students, 2,097,511 graduate students and 1,267,700 professors. Amidst different marketing and recruiting efforts, SAT scores, athletics statistics, extracurricular activities and status- it’s easy for school’s to get lost in the minds of potential students. There are so many factors that play into this decision. There areContinue reading “An Unfaltering Love”

Remembering You

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the quickly approaching graduation date, or maybe it’s the “grown up” things I’ve been doing lately (i.e. not over-drafting my bank account). Whatever the cause, nostalgia has been the farthest thing from a stranger the past few days. The classic nostalgia symptoms have set in. I have looked atContinue reading “Remembering You”

Sleep is a Necessity, Not an Excuse

How many times over the past few years I’ve thought to myself, “I’m just really tired, I physically have to skip class” or “I’m exhausted, the gym is not an option” is, to be blunt, pathetic. Lately I have been in attendance at basically every obligation I have, regardless of if I feel like goingContinue reading “Sleep is a Necessity, Not an Excuse”

Accept the Inevitable

Some people think I’m rather emotionless. This is most likely due to the fact that I have an average crying rate of 1 tear-up or solid cry per year (four since I moved to Reno in 2010- close enough), I’m decently laid back and I generally don’t argue or fight with anyone. Lately though I have been gettingContinue reading “Accept the Inevitable”