Hi, I’m Stasia.



This is a place where we explore the intricacies of life and coming into adulthood. The ups, the downs — the everything in between.

It isn’t always pretty because life isn’t always pretty — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

While my early adulthood has been incredible — bringing me amazing friends, travels, career moves, and even moves across the country — I have had my battles with striving for perfection, comparison, and other internal strife that has led me down some not so great paths.

I want to talk about figuring out my career and business and friends and finances and decision-making and love and life — and I thought I’d bring you along. We’ll talk about the deep stuff, the real stuff, and also, the funny stuff. Because I’m dealing with the bills, my (lack of) love life, figuring out what I want to do and where I fit in this world — and, just like (I’m assuming) you, I’m confused as hell but also sometimes seeing clearly through it all. So let’s level up. Let’s talk about it.

Because life is complicated yet simple at the same time. Life is hard yet easy. Life is filled with ups and downs and, no matter where you are, what you’ve dealt with, or what you’ve done, life can always be something amazing.

And that’s what I’ll never not believe.

So join me on a somewhat sarcastic, real af, journey to adulthood filled with imperfect twists and turns. I won’t post photos of the prettiest clothes, the fanciest places, the cutest food – I get most of my beauty products at CVS and have been doing my makeup the same since, like, 7th grade – so here, you won’t find the best of the best in that realm. But I will respond if you reach out in any capacity and I will share some of my favorite things, thoughts, places, and experiences.

So read with me, talk with me, learn with me — grab your coffee and keyboard (iPhone) — and take the journey with me.


Snapshot of who I am:

  • 27
  • writer
  • daughter, sister, friend
  • boston living, montana raised
  • university of nevada alum / reno-ite
  • former dancer
  • interior + music lover
  • career-oriented writer / communicator / organizer [anastasiafwarren.com]


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