Your Answers

When big life choices come up as you are working on lots of other things in your life…


Finding your answers can be tough.

Your big answers — the ones that resolve your big questions.

It can be tough because of exactly that. These are big questions — big answers.

And while you try to figure them out, you’re confronted by even more questions.

Am I in the right state of mind to make this call? Am I ready? What if I’m not? What if it isn’t what I want? What if I don’t know? What if this opportunity never comes around again?

What if, what if, what if?

Should I be farther along? Should I be focusing on buying a house or enjoying my twenties in the city? Should I be focusing on my career or focusing on living out my youth?

Am I doing it right?

Am I doing it wrong?

I don’t know, and the truth is, no one does.

What you can do, is focus on what you need to focus on right now — today.

Because deep down, I think you know that answer.

I think you know where you need to focus first — which area of your life needs the most love and attention right here and right now.

So you start there, and have the faith that the rest of your life will fall into place along with it. Have the faith that by changing one thing, other things will follow suit. Have the faith that more opportunities will come around and that you aren’t making a mistake because you are putting what you need to put first, first. Have the faith that your other answers will come when you need them — when you’re ready for them.

You’re balancing your focus, but you’re putting what your intuition is telling you to go for in the front seat.

And your trusting that where you are right now is enough. Even if it’s not where your friends are or where you think you should be — you’re trusting it to be enough and that to be true.

And then you’re making your choice — you’re finding your answer. You’re accepting that you don’t have them all yet — that some remain unwritten and you’re finding the beauty in the possibilities of what that could mean — of what your answers could look like down the road.

Because beautiful things can happen when you stop trying so hard to find them.

You’re committing to what you choose to focus on in the immediate future and what answer you have found — to what you choose to let steer your life — at least right now, today.

You’re not looking back and wondering what if.

Because all you have is what’s in front of you. All you have is this second. Not the last, not tomorrow’s.

This second, today.

And wherever you are in this second — that’s entirely okay.




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