The Solution

The last nine months I participated in a leadership program through The Chamber of Commerce in Reno and Sparks, Nevada. We spent the time doing many things, the most important being helping an important cause.

We worked to raise money, awareness, and more for Awaken, a local non-profit with the goal of ending human trafficking.

Yep, it was rewarding.

We came out of the program having done a lot of good.

And this taught me something.

This group of people came from all walks of life. Different ages, races, careers, geographies, religions — values. We came together, united for the right thing, and together, we accomplished a lot.

It’s amazing, what can happen when a diverse group of people with different mindsets and skills come together with one passion.

It’s amazing how much good can happen when we work together.

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of hate. We’ve seen a lot of silos, a lot of groupings and isolation. The problem with this, is that we’re not working together.

It’s important to identify and belong within certain religions, soccer groups, or anything else.

But if we forget that we are ALL human, if we forget that we are ALL the same, if we forget to work ALL together — we, well, we are in trouble.

It’s amazing what can happen with good people do good things together.

And I think the world could use more of that.


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