Eye on the prize

Hello peeps. I woke up to an alarming alarm at 4am to jump on a conference call… to have it rescheduled.

This is fine, because now I write.

I was thinking about a topic yesterday that I wanted to share with all of you. Last night, between attempting to go to the gym again after a year hiatus, and prepping for said conference call, I didn’t have the time to sit down and write it out for ten minutes. There’s nothing I despise more (actually there are probably a lot of things) than not being able to write when I need to, so maybe the reschedule this morning was a blessing in disguise.

Alright, long intro over.


I am working toward a hefty goal right now, one that I have always seen as just out of my reach. I finally ripped the bandaid about three months ago and have been working hard ever since.

I’ve learned an insane amount of lessons along the way, but there is one I would like to touch on today.

Keep your eye on the prize.

As we progress on our life’s path, as we discover more about who we are and what we want, we are presented with options. And while we are immensely lucky for that, it also creates a burden which we carry, wondering what choice to make and what road to take.

Within these three months of finally admitting what I want to do, many opportunities have popped up in front of me. Each time, it is difficult to say no, because, these are great opportunities… and what if I pass up a wonderful life?

What’s important to remember here is that, eventually, you do need to choose, at least for right now — at least for next.

But nothing is absolute. Nothing is forever.

One of my greatest fears is that my deepest dreams and desires won’t bring me happiness. I saw this when I finally achieved a six pack and size 2. Guess what? I wasn’t happy. I thought that is what I wanted… what if that happened again?

And so I worried about making a choice and going for what I want. I worried about passing up the opportunities in front of me — worried that I will always want more, that I will never be content.

But the truth is, if what you want is deeper than materials, if what you want is ingrained within the core of who you are — you won’t be happy until you try.

So maybe it won’t bring me happiness. Maybe I will pass up a wonderful life. Maybe I’ll get there and think, wow, what else is there?

But if I don’t at least put myself out there, I will wonder. If I don’t at least jump, I will never even give myself the chance to fall… and I need that chance. I need to fall. I need to rise again.

So, at some point, you must choose a path, always remembering it is not forever.

You must choose a path, and you must choose the one you want. You must choose the one that keeps you up at night. The one that, when you get just a taste, makes you shake with excitement and gives you butterflies deep in your gut.

The one that scares the shit out of you, the one that won’t be easy.

The one that you truly, truly, want.

Keep your eye on the prize.

Opportunities will come your way. Options will be placed before you. Decisions will need to be made.

If you’re working hard, you have a good foundation of experience, and you know what you want — don’t be afraid to pass up those opportunities. Don’t be afraid to dismiss options. Don’t be afraid to make decisions.

I have learned to say no this year. I have learned to walk away from great opportunities and wonderful experiences. Not because I am ungrateful or feel above them, but because I am opening the door to the possibilities of what I truly desire.

If you are following your dreams, if you are switching life paths, or even, if you are on a quest to better yourself in any aspect of life — remember that there are always distractions. There are always other options. There are always other paths.

Keep your eye on the prize. Your dream life isn’t going to appear tomorrow, but you could get one step closer, you could give yourself a little taste.

Put your blinders on. Quit staring at others and wondering if your road is the right one to take.

Just take it.

Enjoy it.

Claim your prize.




This passage sheds light on one of my deepest sources of internal conflict, and one of my deepest fears. Make a choice, realize that you do not need to choose just one your whole life… and most importantly, don’t let your figs die.



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