Vision. Dreams. Goals.

An extraordinary life.

As we step into the new year, it is important to think about what you want from life.

Damn, that’s a bit huge for some simple resolutions, wouldn’t you say?

Not really.

Why is this?

Because to me, goals are the most meaningful and create the most impact, if you know why you are pursuing them.

What’s your vision statement?

I think with the need for titles, building our resumes, and looking good on paper, we forget that while all of that is great – living a meaningful life – one that we can be proud of, is even better.

As I set my goals, some large, some small – it is important to me that I remain in line with my vision, my purpose – my “why.”

Ex: Losing weight to lose weight isn’t nearly as meaningful as losing weight to be healthy and at peace with myself, in order to inspire others to live their best lives and do the same.

See that?


It additionally relieves the pressure of the demands of time and achieving quickly.

Ex: Why do I want to continue to pursue my career path? (Other than the fact that I love my people) so that eventually, one day, I can own my own business and work for myself. Not today, not tomorrow, maybe not even in ten years, but one day.

And that makes all the days before that worth it, because I am slowly but surely moving toward the end game.

And what’s the best part of this? Your vision, your goals, your dreams – they can change at any moment, any day, any year.

And that’s totally okay.

This was pretty brief, mostly because if you’re still reading you’re probably also now over me, but if you want to dive a little bit more into what this means, what your vision or “why” is, or anything of the nature – feel free to chat with me on the subject (literally slide into my dm’s).

Cheers, beezzes.



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