Health and Fitness Tips, Like, For Real

Hi guys! A friend recently asked me to help her out with her health and fitness (because of my social posts from this summer when I was going HARD).

I put something together for her, and in all honesty, it helped me more than I ever thought possible.

Why is this? Because, in all candidness, I have totally fallen off the wagon! After having done something so extreme, I kind of catapulted into an unhealthy lifestyle and incorporated too much of the foods I had wanted for so long, going back to my bad body image/mental issues and not taking care of myself — physically or mentally. I’ve still been working out to maintain muscle, however my confidence has declined dramatically, and you feel SO much better when you put good foods into your body.

However disappointing, I am choosing to NOT beat myself up and instead, learn from this experience and the fact that I never want to do it again (your own worst enemy, ya know).

So, here is a very attainable and realistic look into my tips for fitness. This incorporates a lot of the strict aspects of my ten week journey to a six pack, but also incorporates that little thing we call “life” (I love partying with my friends, because, duh).

  1. Focus on performance over looks. Care more that you did a level 8 on the stair master than the fact that you dropped a pant size. Focus more on the fact that you feel amazing than on the fact that you are taking more time than you want to tangibly see change. This is something I didn’t do, because I was training for a bikini competition, and it broke me. So just focus on feeling amazing and improving your strength/endurance! So much more fun anyway.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout or eat too much of something. Seriously, don’t. And don’t over-stress about what or when you are eating – obsessing over it is usually a problem in itself (that’s how I gain weight honestly). Eat when you are hungry, eat small portions, eat real and whole foods. THAT is how you sustain for your whole life instead of three months. Now, this obviously doesn’t apply to those that want to make fitness and health a MAJOR part of their lives, because weighing your food and eating every 2-3 hours does work, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not something I personally want to carry on with forever.
  3. Don’t think of it as a burden or something that is taking time, but more of something that is actually freeing you up! You now know you’re doing what you can to reach your goals and feel better, and you actually save money and time by not cooking random things and eating out so much. This is not a burden, this is something you can control that is helping you in all other parts of your life.
  4. Don’t be intimidated. Workouts can be an hour or even shorter if needed. And meal prepping really doesn’t take more than a couple hours. Change the schedule up however you need! (Meal prep Monday and Friday, rest Wednesday, whatever works best for you). And if you don’t want to meal prep because you enjoy cooking, enjoy that time with loved ones – or simply don’t want to, that’s okay! Just know what to eat when you are out or what recipe websites to use on the fly. Do this how it works for you, so important.
  5. Take one day off a week. The rest of the days, make sure you move. And when I say move, I mean combine resistance training with cardio. And do something you actually enjoy.
  6. Time. There is never a good time. I hear people all the time. “Well it’s Christmas. It’s my birthday. It’s the summer.” That’s the thing. If you’re living life the RIGHT way, there will always be something fun standing in your way. It’s about learning how to incorporate those things into your lifestyle, not taking them out completely. And if you do need to, stop saying you can’t. I went the entire summer (including going to Night in the Country – a festival centered around country music and drinking) without drinking alcohol or going off my food plan. It can be done, it’s just, do you want to do it?
  7. Basically: Eat whole and real foods. Workout every day. Drink lots of water. Sleep.

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