There are many mantras in which to live your life. Many quotes, many philosophies, many values, many “whys.”

I’ve unlocked a lot of these. Defined my own and what is true to me.

But I was missing something.

Because, though I had defined the reason I continue to work every day, the values by which I strive to live, and the few quotes which help me to remember the kind of life I want to live—I still felt stuck.

I felt trapped in my head, unable to attain certain things—unable to allow myself freedom, vulnerability, and a sense of, to be completely honest, not giving a shit.

It happened over Thanksgiving, over a talk with my dad.

“The only thing you have going against you is yourself.”

What. A. Wake up. Call.

It was in that moment that I realized that truly, the only thing I didn’t have going in my favor, was me.

How dumb is that?

I was the reason I didn’t have confidence in myself for professional endeavors. I was the reason I was self-conscious about different factors in my life. I was the reason I failed to accomplish certain goals. I was the reason I felt stuck in a world of immense opportunity.

Your only enemies are your own excuses.

Your only enemy, is yourself.

Because, though life throws you some shit sometimes, you have the choice to handle it a certain way. You have the choice to do things that make you happy, that honor your goals, dreams, and overall happiness and well-being.

Sometimes, we feel stuck. And sometimes, all we have to do is set ourselves free.


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