dreams or whatever

I used to always believe the grass was much greener [on the other side].

I dreamed of city views and world travels. Of published books and signed contracts.

And yes, I still have my dreams.

But they’re different now.

It’s odd to me, that often we think we want a certain thing, yet then when it is finally right under our nose, we look away.

We realize that we are actually pretty happy with the life we have built. We realize that we might not be ready to walk away just yet.

We realize that while we agonized over what could be, we forgot about what was—and how great it truly is.

It’s okay to be happy.

It’s okay to feel good about where you are in life. To relish in the moment and enjoy the process of growth.

Being happy, and being stagnant are not the same thing.

Yes, your dreams should scare you a bit. You know, “your dreams aren’t big enough if they don’t scare you.”

But I propose something a bit different.

Your dreams are your own. Your dreams are as big as you want to make them. And really, no dream is bigger than the next—because it’s all about perception. To one, owning a house in a small town is a big dream. To another, making it to the Today Show is a big dream. To another yet, changing one life for the better is the biggest dream of them all.

You see, it’s not about what your dream is. It’s about the dreaming itself.

And as we change, so do our dreams.

And as we dream, we learn to love our lives as they currently are—as they are currently setting us up to be.

I hope you never stop dreaming. I hope you realize that your dreams are enough. I hope you allow your dreams to change.

I hope you realize how amazing your life is, right now, today.

I hope you let yourself be happy. You free yourself from your own misconceptions of a “better” life.

I hope you work toward something, whether it be big or small, and realize that the working, well, that might enough.


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