Blog dat

My sister told me to “blog that shit” in regards to the recent trip I took home to Montana.

So here we are.

I’ve been back home in my routine for almost a week now, so details have since passed. And so, I will give you the 9 things you must understand, in order to even break the surface of trying to understand the Warren family based in Missoula, MT.

1. We don’t streamline processes.

Be it a conversation, a trip to the grocery store, a family outing to a basketball game – we generally make things more difficult than they should be. If I were to come into my family as a business coach, I would immediately streamline our internal processes, providing a more efficient and cost-effective approach. So, are we efficient? No. But are we fun? Yes.

2. Something must always go “wrong.”

“Wrong” is in quotes, because with our “life is an adventure” attitude, the things that go wrong, are not really wrong…because we easily brush them off. Example: we went tree hunting this trip in the freezing cold of Montana. As we were all talking over each other and getting nowhere in conversation (refer to number one), the window of the truck broke and would not go back up (why was it even down you might ask? Again, refer to number one). “Welp, there goes the window,” as Bill said. We all laughed, zipped up our jackets, and prepared for a freezing drive back home.

3. We literally all have opposite personalities.

That’s all.

4. We like Hallmark movies.

We’ll pretend we don’t (except Cath who owns it), but Hallmark is literally on every night. Cheesy movies are our jam. Just ask Mariel.

5. We are centered around hard work, a humble lifestyle, and family values.

On a serious note, we are a small business owner-minded family that works hard, lives within our means, stays grateful and humble, and truly values our experiences more than extravagance. Solid group of people in my opinion, but that’s prob biased or something.

6. We love our dog.

Dodger is like the king of the house. They’ll deny it, but it’s the truth.

7. Due to our competitive nature, things can go from good to bad real quick.

Apples to apples usually ends in an argument. Enough said.

8. We are freaks.

So weird. So odd. So random. But I would say this is all in a good way… usually.

9. In the end, we are happy to be us.

We’re lucky, blessed, grateful, and we love each other. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


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