The only thing that matters, truly, is the journey.

The why you are doing what you are doing. The good days and the days your tire goes flat. The two glasses of wine that turn into 17 with great friends. The weekends you spend with your family, the weekends you need to get away. The minutes spent agonizing over your bills, the minutes spent doing what you love.

This is what counts.


We are, as humans, prone to comparison. We are prone to wanting more. We are prone to forgetting to realize that the journey itself, is actually our life.

The days and tasks spent building up to something great are just as, if not more important, than the days after you have arrived.

And I think too often we forget that.

I recently discussed my hopes for my future with my mom. Though as I spoke, my dreams felt so far away, so unattainable and hopeless – I was wrong (shocker).

After hearing what I wanted to do, she said, “well, aren’t you on the path toward that right now? I’m not understanding the problem?”



I had forgotten that while I am not there yet, I am on the right road.

I had forgotten that I am creating that future each and every day that I live an “ordinary” life.

I had forgotten that truly, it’s not about the end-game. It’s about the game itself.

It’s about the journey itself.

It’s NOT about what you see others doing, what you think is someone’s perfect life (newsflash, it rarely is).

Who gives a blank what everyone else is doing.

It’s about YOUR path. YOUR future. YOUR life.

TBH, life would be lame if I could live my dream, own my dream car and house, meet my dream guy, etc. etc. etc. – right this second.

To me, results are less meaningful if there is no hard work and struggle behind them. Think weight loss, promotions, big purchases. You had to work to get there, making it all the more awesome upon attainment.

So actually, I’m HAPPY I’m not living my picture perfect life today.

Because I think I like my slightly messy picture even better.

I’ll take working hard, appreciating what I have, and slowly but surely creating a life around me any day of the week.


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