Your every day – it matters

I believe it is now time to make moves.

Your beliefs are valid. Your opinions are your own. Your voice matters.

What you do every day, it matters.

I write this from a perspective of someone unable to quit everything to go volunteer or support an important cause. I write this from the perspective that I imagine many of my readers are coming from.

We must, in a world of checks, balances, and necessary routine, be the good we wish to see.

In our every day lives, whether that is at an office, in a school, at a protest in D.C., we must be the good we wish to see.

Please, never feel like you cannot do anything to help.

You can always do something to help.

That might mean donating a sum to a cause you care about, or that might mean simply smiling and saying hello to someone in the morning.

Because those little things, they make a difference.

It is those little things, that change people’s lives. That remind people to move forward and keep their head up each and every day.

Whatever your every day looks like – it matters.

I plan, to practice kindness. To continue to write uplifting, relatable thoughts and to share them with my friends and family (regardless of how self-concious I may be). To support start-ups, the arts, non-profits, and companies moving toward a better future in my own community. To encourage others to follow their dreams, passions, and life callings. To remind others that life is meant to be lived, enjoyed, and taken day by day.

I plan to make my routine, normal, seemingly average days extraordinary. To live my why.

To help others to do the same.

Your every day matters. Whatever that looks like to you, I hope you will remember that much to be true.


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