I don’t really know what I’m going to ramble about today, but lately I haven’t been able to put pen to paper that often (or should I say fingertips to keyboard), so here I am.

I’m not generally one to force myself to write, rather, I write when I learn a lesson, get inspired, or have something to figure out that is burning in my heart or mind.

So, this is a new experience for me, but I want to write a book some day (soon) — so I’m sure I’ll have to do this at some point.

There’s been some big stuff going on inside my head lately, nothing life or death, no, but stuff nonetheless. Stuff that I need to make choices about, stuff that will change some years of my life.

It’s strange, trying to decide. Especially when you are fortunate enough to be in pretty much a win-win situation.

Do you follow your head? Or do you follow your heart?

That is the question I would like someone to answer for me. That is the answer I need branded on the back of my hand.

But no one can choose that for you. No one can waltz into your life and tell you what is right, what you should do.

And no one will.

So you figure it out, I guess. Or at least you try to.

And then you live with that choice, knowing that there will always be more choices ahead. More opportunities to get it right or to get it wrong all over again.

And I think that faith, that faith that there will be more chances is what keeps us going. We’re not throwing away our dreams or stability. We’re simply making a choice, one that will come again.

One that we have to believe will come again.



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