What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to have when you grow up?

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Is it a title? A number in the bank? A certain type of car?


And if it is, that’s okay…we all have our own dreams, and that’s a good thing.

I like fancy things. I like city apartments and new clothes and beautiful interiors. I like ocean properties and sweeping balconies and nice wine.

And if you don’t, well, I’m not sure I believe you.

But you see, that is not what I want to be when I grow up, at least not anymore.

It’s not about the title, the salary, the time off. It’s not about the brownstone in Boston or the lake house in Montana.

It’s about the people, it’s about the work.

It’s about living my purpose and touching those around me.

It’s about inspiring others to be their best selves. Whether that’s through a cliche blog post or too many tequila shots on a Friday night — I hope to inspire those around me to be their happiest selves.

It’s about enjoying time with my family and friends, it’s about building a family of my own.

It’s about having enough to allow opportunity, and not losing sight of the mission at hand.

To live my purpose.

When I grow up I don’t want to be a “writer, marketing director, or CEO.”

I want to be inspiring, I want to leave my loved ones a little better than they were before, I want to live in the moment with people, both new and old.

So for me, it’s not about checking off boxes. It’s not about following my path to success (at least not anymore).

It’s about doing my best to live my purpose each day. To ask myself, “why?” and then attempt to live it.

It’s about setting goals, yes, but it’s about being flexible more.

And so, if this means sitting, Coors Light in hand in my tent overlooking a creek and reading my journal, rather than fancy wine in my penthouse reading my published book — then that’s what this means.

And as long as I am happy, than that, well, that is more than enough.


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