Plane Ride

2015-12-25 00.55.24.jpgWe talked about the world, life, how she once traveled from Canada to California and throughout the entire U.S.

“We were 70 but we were in love — that’s life. When you’re in love you’re in love… it was lovely, truly lovely.”

She said this about her husband, Paul. They had married at the age of 70. She talked to me the entire plane ride home.

And it taught me a few things.

It taught me to always get to know people you normally wouldn’t. Why do we constantly sit in silence with those we don’t know? We all have a story, we all have connections to be made that we don’t even know about yet. It taught me not to pass those up.

It taught me that it’s never too late to do what you love. It’s never too late to meet someone, follow your dreams, or begin living the life you’ve always wanted.

It taught me that life is meant to be lived. Life is meant to be adventured through — so that one day you can sit on the plane next to a 23 year-old and tell her about your life, the places you went and the things you saw.

It taught me that life is about experiences, and more importantly, it is about the people you share those experiences with.



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