The wow moment

The wow moment.

The moment when you realize why everything in your life has gone the way that it has.

The moment when you realize that every step you took meant something. The moment when you realize that everything you had been questioning, was actually the answer. The moment when you realize that your regrets were actually your biggest allies.

The moment when you realize that the hardship and the constant internal struggle was exactly what you had needed all along. That persevering through it all was the exact thing that would eventually make your dreams come true.

The moment when you realize that the nights full of tears were what led you to the days full of butterflies for nothing but that moment, nothing but the possibility of that day.

The wow moment.

We all have an ideal life. We can all picture our dreams coming true.

Whether it’s money, your own business, traveling the world – we all have an image of the “perfect” life. Of the one we wished we were already living – of the one we hope is somewhere out there waiting for us.

Often, we feel rushed to get there.

“I want to live that life now. I want an apartment in the city now. I want to fall in love now. I want to be my own boss now. I want to experience other cultures now.”

This sense of urgency is, to an extent, okay.

We realize that we only live once. We realize that every day could be our last. We realize that we don’t want to live a life of regret.

And that is a good thing.

Yet, the problem many of us face, is that this sense of urgency often turns into our entire lives.

We plan, we dream, we yearn for something else.

We forget that what we are doing today, matters, too. Even, matters more.

We forget that our dreams don’t need to happen today or tomorrow. We forget that they will come in time. We forget that if all we do is dream of the future, we will miss out on the beauty of today.

We simply forget.

We go through the motions. Work, clean, cook. We wonder when our lives will turn into what we know they can be. We become monotonous, stuck inside a world we feel we don’t belong.

We are confused about how we got there.

And so, we review it in our heads. We think of what we could have done differently. We think of everything we could be doing instead.

We fall into a routine. A routine of confusion, self-pity, and repetition.

But then one day, we take a step back. And instead of thinking about what we could have done, instead of thinking of what we could be doing today – we think about what we have done, we think about what we are doing.

We switch our perspective.

And with this switch of perspective, we realize, we are exactly where we need to be. We realize that where we are and what we’re doing, is exactly what we need for our dreams to eventually come true.

We realize that through every learning experience, every confusing event, every decision we ever made – we have become who we are today. We have set ourselves up for the life we dream of.

And when we switch our perspective, we see that often, the life we dream of is not even that far away.


We need to remember that while we could be gone tomorrow, we must only focus on today. We must only focus on our small progress, our daily accomplishments, our goals.

We must remember that good things come in time, and that even if we cannot see it right now, the future will mend itself.

That we are where we are for a reason. That patience, perseverance, and hard work are the three ingredients to attaining our dreams.

That being grateful in every moment is what will launch us forward into the life we were always meant to live.

The wow moment.

The moment when we realize that life has a plan for us. The moment when we realize that with a little faith and a lot of gratitude, we will soon be living the life of our dreams – that if we just switch are perspective, we can see that we already are.

Dreams take time. And by realizing that having the privilege to work toward them is a dream within itself, you are realizing that every single period in your life is just as amazing as the one when you’ll be sitting on your boat in the middle of a lake, drinking champagne, and reading your published novel (just my dream?).

Switch your perspective – breathe in the wow moment, and keep working toward what you desire – if you do this, the future will always take care of itself.


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