I Don’t Know Anything

I won’t sit here and claim that I know the ins and outs of what’s going on in the world right now.

I won’t sit here and claim that I even have a clear understanding.

I won’t sit here behind my computer and claim that I know anything.

Because I don’t.

What I will claim, is what I have observed.

I have observed tragedy. I have observed hate. I have observed a scary, terrifying time.

And in the wake of this, I have observed people coming together in support of those affected. I have observed people from different walks of life joining for the greater good.

In the midst of the most inhumane acts I have seen in some time, I have also witnessed a brave humanity.

And that is moving.

Unfortunately, I have seen something else, something that, frankly, upsets me.

What upsets me, is how we’re handling it—mainly on social media. The uninformed tweets. The sharing of far from credible content. The close-minded opinions and stereotypes. The attempts to fight over a Facebook status about the truth in the matter, about who is to blame.

The reactions I see to other people’s reactions. “Why you shouldn’t change your profile picture, why you should only pray for (insert group here).”

The attempts to create another, new issue from one that is already so horrific, one that doesn’t need anything else in addition.

Because, none of us know, to the core of the matter, what is truly going on. None of us can fathom the inhumane acts and the tragedy.

What I don’t understand, is while we see the world being torn apart with every headline, we too sit here and tear each other apart with how we “should” be reacting.

The last thing we should be doing is arguing about where to point our fingers, the first thing we should be doing is figuring out how to help the good.

We are all people. We are all in this together. We are not to be grouped into one stereotype, we are not to be blamed for things out of our control.

I can’t wrap my head around current events. I can’t believe the ignorance I see. I can’t believe the cruelty I hear.

What I can do, is read. What I can do, is educate myself on the matter as much as I possibly can. What I can do, is share informing content as I see fit. What I can do, is pray. What I can do, is get involved in relief efforts. What I can do, is practice gratitude. What I can do, is send my heart to those in need.

What I can do, is notice the brave humanity of those joining together in support amidst these inhumane events—notice the good.

What I can do, is pray for humanity. Pray for a better time. Pray for the greater good.

For now, that is what I can do. For now, that is what we all should do.






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