The easier option

There will always be an easier option.

There will always be a way out.

It would be much easier to stay home as per usual and not go out on that potentially awkward date. It would be much easier to go home after work again rather than stay and attend your workout. It would be much easier to not put in the effort needed to make your different goals come to light. It would be much easier to press snooze.

It would be much easier to make an excuse.

There will always be an easier option, a way out – an excuse.

Excuses are plentiful, you just have to pick one. And often, we talk ourselves into them – well I really was tired. Well I really did need sleep. Well I really deserve to spend money on myself.

But were you? Did you? Do you?

I can tell you, that as painful as some obligations and steps toward your goals may be – there is nothing more painful than waking up one day and realizing that you let them slip away.

No excuse is worth that feeling. No minute of convenience is worth that feeling.

I refuse to live like that.

I refuse to wake up one day realizing that each little excuse led me into a life unrecognizable by me. A life I didn’t want, a life I could have avoided.

Changing habits is hard. No surprise there.

It’s hard sometimes. But what’s harder, is letting your dreams die away in your perceived need for immediate convenience.

Because the truth is, you don’t need it.

Goals are hard to reach. Dreams take years to attain.

But that’s what makes them worth it.

And it’s hard sometimes. It’s really hard sometimes.

But that’s okay, because each day, you can go to bed prouder than the day before, because even if you aren’t there yet – you’re honoring yourself, you’re making strides.

And on the days and the split seconds that you don’t feel like it, that you’re tired, and that you feel like taking a break, those are the days that you must stick to what you believe in. Those are the days you must remember why you started.

If you really want something, you have to make sacrifices in your day-to-day convenience. And if you really want something, you will.

There will always be an easier option in the short-term – choose not to take it.


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