Faith in my heart

I am a planner.

I believe in living with purpose.

I believe in living less out of habit, and more out of intent.

I believe that you set yourself up for your future. I believe in initiative. I believe in making what you want a reality.

When I feel like I am slipping away from my goals – I regroup. When I feel lost and without purpose – I actually schedule in “think about what you want and set attainable goals” time for myself.

So, I am a planner (and potentially now a psycho in your eyes – but whatever).

And I like it that way.

Need an extra pen? I probably have you covered. Need directions? My phone is probably charged. Need to know what I’m doing in two weeks at this exact time? Let me check because believe me, I know.

You get it.

But what I’m starting to realize, what I’m starting to embrace – is the concept of trust.


The concept that, though goals are great, important and vital to attaining the life you want to live – there also needs to be an element of surprise, risk – unknown.

There needs to be a faith within you that whatever path you end up on, you’ll be better for it.

That your plan might not go as you expected it. That not knowing exactly where you’ll be five years from now is quite alright.

That sometimes, going against your schedule and to do’s and staying up way too late to see a meteor shower is exactly what you need to do.

I am currently in a place I haven’t really been before. I know what I want in the future, down the road. I’m just not entirely sure what I want right this second – what I want next.

And so, I’m learning to trust the process.

To have faith that by practicing hard work and gratitude each day, with my future goals in mind, I will lead myself to whatever the next step needs to be.

I’m trusting my heart, my gut and my instincts. I’m trusting that they know what’s best – even if it’s not what I have written down on the map to my life. Even if it’s not what I had expected before.

I have faith that it will be okay – I have faith that I will learn, meet new people and grow.

I have that faith, I have that trust.

Faith in myself – faith in the bigger plan.

Faith in my heart.


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