For awhile, in fact, until just now, I thought that all I wanted in my life was to write and make enough money to support myself, simply by writing my thoughts and dreams and life realizations.

But then I realized, that if that doesn’t happen—that’s okay.

Although seeing my name in print on a book or in a large magazine is one of my most cherished goals and I will work toward it until I have used up every ounce of possibility there, it is okay that simply expressing my thoughts on paper might not ever make me enough money to do it full-time.

And although if this did happen I “wouldn’t work a day in my life” because I would love it so much—I’m not sure that’s even what I want.


Because it so sacred to me.

Writing isn’t a job or a way to put food on the table. Writing isn’t a sales pitch or a networking event.

Writing is what I do when I want to escape, make sense of the world and not think about anything else.

It is my time.

Writing is my time to connect with others about deeply personal things and express my thoughts about life on paper (screen).

It is so innocent to me, that I’m not sure I want it to be my bread winner.

It is so sacred to me that I’m not even sure I want it to be my all-the-time activity.

I will always strive to be in jobs where writing is included in some way—but I need to experience more. I need to accept that writing my thoughts might not support me fully and that that’s okay.

Writing is for me, for my friends, for whoever reads it. It’s not for money, it’s not for every day. It’s for when I need it—when there is something to be written.

It is my hobby, my passion and my escape.

It doesn’t need to be my 9 to 5 because I already incorporate it so heavily into my life, and I always will.

Because I have to.

And so, I will write when there is something that needs to be written. But I won’t cry when I have to experience other things in life—because those other experiences are what gives me something to write.

Those other experiences in my job, my relationships, my travels—those are what inspire me to connect with others and learn from my writing even more.

We must all experience more than our most cherished activity. Because life offers more, and we owe it to life to try.

And by doing that, we will appreciate our escape and passion even more—and we won’t take it for granted for one single second.

I owe it to writing to keep it genuine, authentic and sincere. I owe it that, because it saved me, and it continues to save me each time I sit down with a new lesson to learn or realization to vigorously type into my keyboard (with my coffee).

It’s sacred, and keeping it sacred is okay by me.


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