Gratitude—For Dreamers

I am fascinated with the idea of gratitude.

How we recognize our current circumstances, all of the amazing opportunity in the world, the simple things in life.

I often question myself as I dream of different ways of living, “am I ungrateful? Am I taking enough in each day?” I check-in with myself to make sure that my gratitude for my life as it is now is being given the attention it deserves.


Because I am a person filled with healthy discontentment. I dream of big things, I wonder what’s next. I constantly want more. Yet, I am grateful for everything I have, I am grateful for where I am from, where I am and where I am going.

While I dream of cities and writing my name in the books, I also dream of a cabin on a lake, laying under the sun in pure stillness. I also dream of exactly what I have now, a hot cup of coffee on a Sunday morning as I stare out my window onto the beautiful city I currently inhabit.

It is my observation that sometimes the dreamers, we are looked at as ungrateful. Why can’t you be happy with where you are? Why can’t you stop and smell the roses? Well, I am, and I do.

Although it is important to often slow down and appreciate exactly where you are and what you have, I don’t see anything wrong with dreaming of more. As long as you are trusting the process and truly realizing the impact of each experience you encounter along the way, then you are grateful.

My next observation is this: maybe, the dreamers, maybe we’re the grateful ones. Maybe we see the potential the world holds—all the amazing places we can go, the things we can learn, and the people we can meet. Maybe we see it and it overwhelms us sometimes. Maybe we’re so full of gratitude that we constantly strive for more, because we know it’s there, and we want to live it.

Maybe, our thirst for life is just misunderstood.

No matter what type of person you are, I can tell you one thing from my 23 years of living, gratitude is the answer to a lot of problems. Want to lose weight? Be grateful for the healthy food options you have, for the physical ability you have to workout. Want to advance in your career? Be grateful for where you are at and work your best each day.

You get it.

Gratitude, whether you are a dreamer or not, hold it close and hold it dear.


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