“You should write a blog about that. Perseverance… All I did was work my a** off, and it worked.”

Getting a job you like isn’t easy. Getting a job you deserve isn’t easy. Getting a job isn’t easy.

Reaching your goals isn’t easy. Reaching your dreams isn’t easy. Reaching your ultimate happiness isn’t easy.

None of it’s easy—it’s actually really difficult.


We read about it, we hear about it. “The greats did it. They failed, they tried again. They persevered.”

We read about it, we hear about it—yet many of us fail to actually do it. We don’t realize that if only we persevered through the toughest times, there could be something waiting for us on the other side.

When someone says no, strive for another yes. Don’t quit on something because time is passing by, because you are getting “over it.” The time will pass anyway, and if you quit, I guarantee you’ll be “over” the next thing you move to quicker than this.

So work hard, keep on going, and realize that the beauty is in the struggle. If this was easy, you’d end up sitting in your “success” feeling nothing but bland, like you didn’t work for any of it, and that’s not what you want—that’s not what I want anyway.

Persevere and try again, work your a** off. You’ll get there, wherever that may be.

Work your a** off so that you can call your friend telling them you got a job, while you pour yourself a drink and smile. Why? Because you didn’t give up and you deserve this, and Monday will be coming soon enough.


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