I believe it is safe to assume that many of us, at different times in our lives, think that we have made mistakes.

We judge ourselves, we regret. We wish we had done something differently, we wish we were different.

We often see failures in our past. Whether we gained weight, took a wrong turn in our career path, lost touch with friends, weren’t smart with our money—whatever it was, we see things we wish we could change.

We see all of these things that, looking back, we don’t understand why we did in the first place.

When this happens, we beat ourselves up. We become discouraged. We are overwhelmed with a sense of disappointment.

What we fail to realize, is that in identifying our shortcoming or proclaimed failure, we are already one step further.

We have already started the process toward improvement—toward success.

We fail to realize that identifying our fault is actually a success in and of itself.

I told a friend once that I was “worried (weird) because I wasn’t following my dreams and honoring my goals.” I had strayed away from the path I was so passionate about just weeks before.

The response to that, was, “but you see, you realized that you have fallen off. And not only that, but you are concerned by it.”

If you fall off track, if you make mistakes (and god, please do), then I challenge you to see it as a positive.

See it as something that can impact your future and your life in the best possible way.

Because failing makes your realize what you truly want. What are you actually concerned about accomplishing? What are you not? Why did you make the mistake and why won’t you again?

What do you really want—how do you want to succeed?


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