We all get wrapped up.

Wrapped up in work. Wrapped up in bills. Wrapped up in relationships. Wrapped up in everyday life.

We are all constantly wrapped up.

We exaggerate the little things. We can’t see past the stack of to-do’s in front of us. We get worked up about minuscule occurrences.

We find it hard to see past our reality, past what is happening—what is going to happen.

Often, we forget to unwrap.

To realize what’s important.

To stop obsessing over making others happy, over getting through the work day, over things that won’t matter in one week from now.

If you have something going on than by all means, be upset. Let yourself feel the emotion.

Just realize that what is right for you will come about—whether you like it or not.

Unwrap from the every day. Take a walk. Be true to yourself and allow yourself to see further than the next thing on your list.

And most importantly, do what is best for you with consideration of others, always.


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