“You know what I realized about you? You’re never going to be content.”

Maybe that’s true.

It’s not easy to be someone constantly looking for the next thing.

You push people away, you discard opportunities, you daydream and fantasize about what everything is supposed to look like.

It would be a lot easier to be perfectly content with where you are in life, to be more patient with your current situations.

The problem, is that dreamers can’t stop dreaming. They can’t stop wanting more for themselves and wondering about their potential.

They can’t get out of the mindset that there’s more out there, and that maybe, they’re missing out on whatever that is.

I am guilty of this.

Guilty of being overly excited about something, and then immediately wanting something different. Guilty of getting exactly what I want, and then deciding it’s not enough.

Guilty of looking past the opportunity and experiences right in front of me, and seeing something more.

This is something I’ll always deal with, because dreamers dream (and impatient people, they tend to be impatient).

However, I think it’s time to bring back gratitude.

To enjoy each day and be appreciative of what I have. To be thankful for where I am and take advantage of every opportunity in front of me. To understand that life changes and that I can do whatever I want at any time, but to remain happy with where I am right now.

To be happy with where I am, yet always dreaming of more.

Maybe I won’t ever be completely content, and maybe I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be in a place where I am not striving for better things for myself. I always want to set goals, I always want to push myself further—even if that simply means finishing a book, even if that simply means writing a blog.

“You know what I realized about you? You’re never going to be content.”

Now, I think I’ll be content—but I won’t ever be stagnant.


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