Post IMC

photo (8)I knew I would be writing today.

I knew I would sit down, exhausted and relieved, as I started to figure out how I was going to tackle all of my “to do’s” that I’ve been putting off for the past month.

The past month— four weeks in which myself along with several others dedicated our lives to something.

Something that was hard. Something that was tiring. Something that was frustrating.

Something that was fun.

I knew I would be writing today because I reflect on my experiences, especially those where something was learned. I knew as I started this process, it would be one of the most important learning experiences to date.

I thought I would be writing something about working hard and seeing your hard work pay off. Something about dedication, strength and putting your mind toward greatness.

I am surprised to say, that that is not the case.

This time, I have nothing about self-improvement, hard work or independence.

I have something better.

Something about people. People that never fail to amaze me. People that I never thought I would be close with, that I would now take a bullet for (or just get taken down in SF #streetcred). People that worked passionately every day to invest in something larger than any sort of individual work, something that they may not get enough credit for, something that they loved.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work with so many intelligent, creative people.

I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to call those people friends.

I am confident that every single one of them will go far, that this experience has helped us in ways we don’t even see yet.

For me, I have realized the value of people, friendships and comradery. I have realized how amazing it feels to work together on something great.

I have realized that you can do it alone and be good, but when you bring great minds together— you are left with something even greater.

And “good, well, it’s just not good enough.”


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