11:05 p.m.

photo (3)

I’m sitting in a motel room in Berkeley, California.

11:05 p.m.

I can hear laughter, footsteps, shrieks of excitement from above.

Tomorrow, we do something important.

Tomorrow, we put it all on the line. All of our long hours, frustrations—joys.

Tomorrow, we make it matter.

We have spent the last three months of our lives working toward a solution. Working toward a solution that will perfectly and precisely accomplish a goal.

We have worked diligently, strategically, creatively. We have summoned our innermost brain power, but most importantly, we have worked together—passionately.

The passion can be felt in the room as we do the final run throughs. The passion can be felt as new friends and old discuss why our plan has developed in the way that it has. The passion can be felt in every late night, every stressful deadline, every frustrated creative block.

The passion is there, the passion has always been there.

And that’s why it’s so good.

That’s why it was always going to be good.

We care.

We love what we do, we care about what we do, we care about each other.

And that is an amazing thing.

Passion is what drives incredible ideas. Passion is what drives great things. Passion is what drives us to care, to invest in something larger than ourselves, to reach eyes and to impact thoughts.

Passion is what we need, passion is what we have.

So tomorrow, we do something important.

But no matter what happens, I know that for the rest of our careers, we will do something passionate.

We will do something we care about… and others will care too.


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