Moments of clarity.

Moments when you realize something important. Moments when you realize what you’ve been doing wrong.

These moments come, and these moments go.

These moments come when you need them the most, telling you to wake up from the mental state you’ve been in, urging you to realize just how ridiculous you are being— just how minuscule your problems are.

They make you realize that many of the problems in your life, many of the things you complain about— you do them to yourself.

Your choices, your actions— you.

We are given circumstances in our lives— some good, some bad. We have the power to mold those circumstances, and to be our best selves within them.

These moments come and force you to realize that this is your only chance, that you have the circumstances you have been given, and that nothing is going to change that.

Nothing, except you.

Your choices, your actions— you.

Moments of clarity visit us when we need them most, the important thing to do, is listen.

Too often we get wrapped up in our own self-inflicted problems. Worrying too much, creating drama, being disappointed in ourselves.

What we need to do more, is mold our circumstances to be what we want. To stop waiting for these moments of clarity and to make it all clear— now and tomorrow.


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