Hard Work & Authenticity

I am a firm believer in hard work.

Good, old fashioned, hard work.

I don’t believe in short cuts. I don’t believe in cutting corners. I don’t believe in “sort of” working.

I believe in being an authentic, hard worker.

I don’t believe in being someone you’re not. I don’t believe in expecting things. I don’t believe in entitlement.

I believe in starting from the bottom, and being perfectly okay with that.

I have been blessed with many opportunities that have led me to where I am in my life. I’m not insanely smart, I’m not extraordinarily creative— but I do work hard.

And while I work hard, I remain true to myself.

As you take on each obligation, keep your goals close. Remember what you want. Get up each day with a grateful heart. Understand that each experience matters.

Work for what you want, work for what you get.

Be authentic. Don’t be something you aren’t in a world where you may think that’s better. It’s not better— it’s simply not fair.

Not fair to you, not fair to your future, not fair to your life.

If you stray too far away from who you are, you’ll wake up one day and though you may be extremely successful, you may also look in the mirror and wonder where the years truly went.

Work hard, stay authentic— and while you’re doing that, make sure you’re passionate about your work. Because, if you’re not passionate, then what are you doing, really?


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