Often, we dream of a different life.

We set goals, we daydream. We yearn for a life that seems just out of reach.

We know that these things we want are attainable, yet we fail to take the steps necessary to fulfill those wants.

Maybe, it’s because we want to sleep a little longer. Maybe, it’s because we think we don’t have the money (let’s skip happy hour just once this week, eh?). Maybe, it’s because we think we would be going against the grain. Maybe, it’s because we’re scared.

And maybe, it’s because we’re lazy— we’re comfortable.

We all have regrets.

Regrets eat at you. Regrets stare at you. Regrets haunt you.

I don’t wish regret upon anyone. Because regret, it’s useless.

You’ve done what you’ve done. You’ve said what you’ve said.

But that doesn’t have to be it.

Comfort is nice, it’s important— but it’s not the end.

What’s harder than taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals?

Watching them pass you by.

Don’t look back and wish you had done it different. The comfort of today isn’t worth the remorse of tomorrow.


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