A great mantra, slogan— a great way to attempt to live your life, or to at least refresh it.

It’s something my mom always taught me, it’s something I strive to do, it’s something I attempt to think about when I get caught up in the confusion of life— in all my reflections and questions about what it is that I’m doing, and why it is that I’m doing it.

But, more often than not, it falls to the way side.

I often get frustrated with myself— telling myself to let it go, to simplify it all, to realize that everything will be okay, and to get the nonsense out of my head.

But that’s the thing about life— it’s the farthest thing from simple there is.

Life is complicated. Life is hard. Life is confusing. Life is incredible. Life is insane. Life is awesome. Life is even unfathomable at times.

Life is truly the most complex thing there is.

Yet, we strive to “simplify” it.

Because if we didn’t, we’d all be as overwhelmed as I am sitting here writing about it.

I think we all get caught up in the complexity of life sometimes, and I think that we all need to realize that that’s okay. To realize that there isn’t always a black and white or simple answer, but that simplifying your way of thinking about the situation can at least make it a little less gray.

So I’ll continue to try to “simplify” it all, while remembering that making decisions, making sense of everything in career, life, love, relationships— it’s the most complicated thing there is.

And I guess, that that’s okay.


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