Love: An Unnecessary Worry

A common thought-provoking question we all ponder— when will I meet “the one?”

When will I meet “the one?” Where will I meet the “one?” Will I ever find love? Am I meant to be single for life? What’s wrong with me? What happens if I never meet someone? Why did it not work out before?

We mull over these questions often— some of us do it monthly, some yearly, some daily. We all do it, and at some point, it has resulted in at least a bit of anxiety for us.

My question, is why?

Because it’s important to us, and it should be.

Personally, I go through phases. I’ll go months without caring, and then I’ll find myself in a “funk” and can’t stop thinking about it for a week. Though generally, it’s not a source of anxiety in my life.

Some people have applauded my efforts, saying that they look up to me and my thoughts on this subject, wishing they could be so “okay” with all of it. Wishing they could take the worry away.

But they can.

You think I don’t worry about this subject? You think I am 100 percent okay with my situation 100 percent of the time? You think I never think about it? You think I never day dream of the future, of meeting someone and possible perfect scenarios?

Of course I do.

But for me, I know it will happen if and when it should. I know that all I can do is take each day for what it is. I know that I am working hard, working on myself, and working on bigger things. I know that I am exactly where I need to be in my life right now, and I know that although sometimes it would be nice to have someone to hit the ice cream aisle with, it’s not something I need right now (eating ice cream alone is actually kind of, emphasis on kind of, enjoyable #doesntmatterifyourereadydontcomeandgetit).

I worry about money. I worry about school. I worry about stability in the workplace. I worry about being good enough. I worry about going out too much. I worry about my eating habits. I worry about my knowledge. I worry about just about everything, and often anxiety levels hit unhealthy highs (working on it— 2k15, ya know?).

So right now, as a 22-year-old nearly recent graduate, I don’t really have the time, room, or need for another worry in my life— especially an (another) unnecessary one.

Especially one that you have absolutely no control over. One that is actually harmed by worrying about it. One that will do better if left alone. One that will work itself out right when you least expect it, and probably opposite of how you thought it would.

Love is important to me and it will continue to be throughout my life. So, of course it’s a worry, and it probably will be sooner than I’d like to think. But it’s not my worry yet, not today at least.


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