Perfectly Imperfect

You look at your life, and it feels foreign.

It doesn’t look like anything you thought it would be.

It smells different, it tastes different, it feels different.

Yet somehow, it is perfect that way. It is perfectly off of the track you had dreamt of. It is perfectly strewn away from any prior misconceptions you had of what would make you happy.

It is perfectly imperfect.

It’s not the life that made getting up at 6 a.m. every day and working until midnight worth it because you would “get there someday.” It’s not the life that you imagined yourself strolling through while you lay awake on a sleepless night.

It’s not the life you thought you had wanted, it may not even be the life you want right now.

But it is yours, and it means something.

We all have dreams, wants, desires, goals. We all strive for something. We all imagine our life working out a certain way.

Yet, no matter how much we plan (and probably especially if you plan so much that you literally write “get ready” on your to do list each day), no matter how much we prepare and work for it— life doesn’t always go exactly as we had expected, exactly how we had hoped it would.

Because it goes better than that.

It takes you through obstacles, it throws curve balls, it forces you to adapt to change.

It forces you to appreciate it, even if it’s not what you had dreamt for yourself.

Live the life you dream, work toward goals in order to the live the life you have always wanted. Just leave room for detours along the way— taking the scenic route makes for a more beautiful drive anyway.



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