It’s okay to be a little lost sometimes.

It’s okay to lose your drive. It’s okay to feel like everything you were working for is a blur. It’s okay to lose your sense of self. It’s okay to feel alone.

It’s okay to feel like you don’t know what the hell you’re doing at all.

Because, you’re human. Because, it happens. Because, at certain points, everyone feels as though they don’t know what the hell they’re doing at all.

Because, a lot of the time, they don’t.

Life is confusing. Life doesn’t always turn out exactly how you wanted it to. Life isn’t always what you imagine it to be. Life can leave you heartbroken. Life can keep you alone.

But life can also go on. And it does, every time.

And life, it somehow miraculously all works out. It somehow continues to prove to you that everything happened for a reason, that everything happens for a reason.

And so, even if you feel like your lost, like your path is compromised or you’re uncertain about just about everything, know that it will be fine. That it all happens for a reason, that it’s okay to go it alone. Know that each amount of effort you put in means something.

Know that each day is a new day, that each day holds something new for you.

Know that it’s all going to make sense soon, that everything is going to come back— believe it even if it’s not true, because that’s what will get you through.


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