A lesson from the experienced

The past few days I have been fortunate enough to observe, interact with, and meet some extremely inspiring people.

People that, in fact, have given me yet another outlook on life.

I wasn’t at a conference, I wasn’t at work, I wasn’t out on the town— I was hanging out (drinking wine) with people 50 years my elders.

People that have years of experiences on me, people that have been through love, people that have been through loss, people that have dealt with hardship, people that are still struggling with different facets of life.

People that have found the meaning of the word contentment.

Contentment: forgetting what you don’t have, and remembering what you do.

They like what they like. They watch what they watch. They eat what they eat. They say what they say.

They are unapologetically themselves— they are content.

They are content with their lives— where they are and what they have done. They are youthful, spitfires that live with no apologies, no regrets.

They continue to live their lives each day with a sense of new beginnings and opportunity.

Often, we are told to “do it while we’re young,” to follow the mold.

These people have taught me something else, something more.

Life doesn’t end when you turn 30. Life doesn’t end when you turn 40. Life doesn’t end when you turn 80.

Life ends when you choose to give up on it.

So stop worrying about time, about your youth— because if you live each day in honor of your true self, it will never catch up to you.

Strive for improvement, set goals.

Just don’t strive to change who you are.

Eat your favorite food even if someone thinks it’s unappetizing. Order your favorite drink even if your date will judge you. Laugh when you think something’s funny (and in good taste). Wear the weird pants you love.

Embrace yourself, your life.

Start walking around as though you are it— because to you, you are.


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