“Don’t Worry.”

“Don’t worry.”

That’s funny.

As I sat discussing different options for the upcoming year (as I graduate and fling myself into who knows what), with my dad, that was his main piece of advice.

“Don’t worry.”

That’s hilarious.

How are you supposed to sit back and not worry about the uncertainty of your life? How are you supposed to not worry about finding a job, getting married (maybe just going on a date), having enough money to pay the water bill, figuring out where you’re going to live, having to move back in with your parents, having other job applicants be more qualified than you? How are you supposed to not worry?

You’re supposed to not worry, because the worry isn’t really worry at all.

The worry is why it’s so surreal. The worry is uncertainty. The worry is amazing things ahead, amazing things that you can’t even foresee.

The worry is okay, because you have the power to mold your future. There will be things out of your control, yes, but if you want it— go get it.

Too often we sit back worrying without going and doing something about it. Be proactive with your worry— get the best of it before it gets the best of you.

And with that, we’re going to be okay, because the fact that we’re worrying means we care. It means we’ll be just fine, as long as we work to get there, somewhere.

“Go to bed each night with a dream and wake up with a purpose.”


**I think this is a pep talk to myself but seniors— we can do it.


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