That’s A Wrap

Functional holidays.
Functional holidays.

A new year, a time for reflection.

As we come together with our loved ones for the holidays, we have a chance to enjoy our family and friends, both old and new. We have a chance to rekindle friendships, love, and “the good times.”

The holidays offer an excuse for us to celebrate life and love with those we care about most. And once they are over, they offer an excuse for us to decide what we want to accomplish in the next year, to decide what and who we want to be (it’s cliche, but so is half the stuff I write so in the words of Demi Lovato— I really don’t care).

As I reflect on my growth this past year and the things that I have done, I am proud. Proud of what I have done, yet completely and contently ready to take on more.

Because, my family is important to me. My friends are important to me. I am important to me.

And I want to live up to my potential, for me, yes, but for them, too.

Because they as well as I— we deserve that.

And so, as the new year approaches, as new goals brew in my mind (and as they are written on my many lists), I am ready to accomplish more than I did this year. I am ready to grow again, to grow better.

This past year, strides have been made. I have learned who I want to be, I have learned whom (correct use?) I want to be in my life. I have lost touch in relationships, and I have gained connection in more. I have come into my own and a feeling of true happiness has come over me as I learn to be not only happy with my accomplishments, but simply happy with myself.

In fact, this year may have been one of the best yet (dare I say it?).

But the work is not done, and it truly never will be— but that, is what I love.

Cheers to the new year. Cheers to new goals. Cheers to being happier this year than the one before. Cheers to telling our loved ones we love them daily. Cheers to living each day in pursuit of our deepest desires and dreams, yet being accepting of ourselves when we may fall short of certain expectations.

As I embark on what may possibly be the most uncertain year of my life, I feel oddly at ease and content.

Because with hard work close, and my goals even closer— I am confident that it will be the year it has the potential to be.

For me, 2015 is the year of possibility and, more importantly, balance.

For you, it may be something else.

Cheers to the days ahead, both good and bad— for they are days yet.

That’s a wrap.


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