Unapologetically Happy

She was just that, happy.

There’s really nothing more beautiful than seeing someone just that, happy— and unapologetically so.

Today, I begrudgingly dragged my hungover self to OULA— a dance workout named after none other than the city it originates from (Missoula, that’d be my hometown).

One of my oldest and most cherished friends was teaching the class in order to become re-certified as an instructor.

Before we began, I was regretting my decision, my head feeling as though it was pushing in on itself (last night was my first time out in my hometown in a year, you could say we made sure that we would be having fun at that high school reunion).

As I struggled to get the steps, my mind constantly creating a toxic environment in which I only thought about how awful I felt— I saw something, someone.

I saw someone, so in their element, so passionate— so happy.

It wasn’t just a smile, it wasn’t just a look. It was true happiness. A happiness for life, a happiness for herself, a happiness for everyone sharing the moment with her.

A genuine, unapologetic feeling of happiness transcended from her, and it spread throughout the room and into the bodies and hearts of everyone lucky enough to be there. An older man jumped for joy to a Nicki Minaj song, my little sister laughed at herself as she attempted to become somewhat of a dancer in under 60 minutes, I forgave myself for my poor decisions the night before.

In that moment, everyone was happy. Happy to be there, happy to be experiencing someone else’s true happiness, happy to move, happy to be alive.

There is nothing more beautiful, than someone with eyes full of genuine passion.

There is a certain elegance in someone so alive, someone that makes you feel alive just because they are.

And, in my own selfishness, there is nothing more completely satisfying than to see one of your best friends that happy, that content.

It is my only hope that everyone finds that passion, finds that happiness— because then, everyone will see how truly phenomenal life can be.


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