Our Something

We all have our something.

Whether it’s how much money can I make? How far can I reach? How many places can I go? How many people can I impact? We all have our something, even if we don’t know it yet.

I realized that mine has been something I have been working toward for awhile, yet it was unbeknownst to me.

That is, how many things can I do? But more importantly, how many things can I do well?

For me, it’s not about how much money I make, it’s not about my title, my status— it’s about me. It’s about me making it on my own. It’s about me proving to myself and anyone that has ever doubted me that we were wrong. It’s about building a name for myself, one that I am finally proud of.

It’s about going to bed each night with a dream, and waking up each morning with a purpose— a goal, probably more than one. It’s about looking in the mirror each night and knowing that I did everything I could to lead the life I want, it’s about looking in the mirror each morning and knowing that it’s a new day filled with possibility.

It’s about accepting myself on the days that I don’t.

There are too many incredible things in this world to settle for mediocrity. There are too many opportunities to pass up, too many things to accomplish— to do.

We can all do many things. It is understanding what I do well, what sets me apart from others, that will make me reach my  something.

I want to accomplish a lot, I want to do a lot, I want to be a lot.

And I will.

And I will do it well.

Find your something, believe in yourself regardless of what you may have been in the past, and don’t lose sight of your something— ever again.


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