How to Be Your Happiest Self

We all read these articles, “10 ways to lead a happier life”, or “6 things you’re doing wrong,” whatever the title, topic, advice— we all read them.

We’re drawn to them because of the convenience, we’re stuck to them because of the allure. We share them because we want to help others, the way were helped.

I read these articles, I bookmark the good ones. I share them on my accounts— I write them.

But sometimes, I think we need to take a step back from all of the self-help. We need to realize that what we’re doing is right, that what we’re doing is enough. That instead of taking steps to be happy, we just need to be.

Happy, that is.

Bold, coming from someone that writes (hopefully) motivating pieces daily.

Sometimes, I get so caught up in making goals, in trying to do everything perfectly in order to improve, that I forget all of the strides I have been making— all of the progress I have made. I forget to enjoy the to do’s on my list, I forget to enjoy reading a book because it’s just something I have to get done in order to be better, I forget to really feel my run because it’s just another check mark.

Make goals, make schedules, make lists, make plans. Don’t settle for mediocrity and strive for improvement.

Just don’t forget to live.

Balance your life with understanding the importance of self-growth and understanding that you are enough, that this moment is enough.

Always strive to move mountains, yet always allow yourself to drink champagne (or hot chocolate— whatever floats your boat).

**Also— continue to read my blog and other articles because they help you and because they are worth reading and sharing, regardless of what I say (I love them, obviously).


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