The Lost Ones

This is what life is about.

It’s about connecting with others. It’s about finding people that understand your thoughts, that can relate to how you’re feeling. It’s about learning from others and feeding off of each other in a positive way. It’s about great minds coming together to create great things. It’s about beautiful souls connecting about the different varieties of life.

This is what life is about.

Relationships, love (not only the romantic sort)— conversation.

So often we think we know a person, we assume we know their aspirations, their dreams. We assume we know their thoughts, what makes them laugh, cry— what makes them happy.

But we don’t.

Assumptions can ruin beautiful things.

They can cause you to “know a person” without actually knowing them— and once you get to the core of it all, we all have something to contribute to one another. Letting another pass you by because of the image of them that you have in your head is, irrevocably, tragic.

We all have these images we set ourselves up to have. Some of us— certain and sure, others— more go with the flow. We all have these personas we try to live up to, but in the end, no one really knows us except ourselves, and those that actually take the time to get to know us.

You may know a person as the image they portray themselves as. They may seem as though they know what they’re doing, as though they aren’t scared, as though they “know it all.” But maybe, they’re the lost ones— we’re the lost ones. Maybe we’re the ones that are the most confused, that are the most unsure. Maybe we’re the ones that have all the faith in the world in our abilities, yet remain terrified at living someone else’s life. Maybe we’re the ones that sit in silent fear that what we’re doing is right. We question it all, and often we question it all alone— and then again, maybe we don’t.

Next time you think you know a person, you’ve seen their social media, you’ve talked with them a few times— step back and remember that you don’t. Step back and remember that we all have layers, we all have depth. Step back and remember that you have no idea what’s going on in their head, that maybe they could be a great person in your life, if only you took the time to let them.

Step back and remember that we’re all here just trying to live, trying to get by. We’re all here and we’re all worth it— we’re all worth a conversation, hopefully more than one.


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