Find Your Outlet

Some people wonder why I write (blog, and share on social outlets).

They think maybe it’s because I am trying to build a personal brand, that I’m trying to gain a following, maybe that I’m doing it for attention, or to show people that I am “deep.”

But really, it’s because I believe in the value of reflecting.

I believe in learning something from every day occurrences. I believe in the worth of a moment. I believe in finding an outlet that allows you to figure it all out, or at least try to.

I have found that writing down my thoughts from different experiences is mine— my outlet.

They say (still don’t know who “they” is) it is good practice to write down your thoughts toward a certain person, a certain situation, or a certain emotion and then never press send. To get it all out in the open without actually sharing. For some people, that is a way to work through feelings and musings. But for me, it is to write what appears to be a “self-help” piece.

Normally, when I begin writing, I start out because I am worked up. Worked up about something that happened that day, or over the course of more. I start out writing madly about the situation, and by the end of my piece of work, I have taught myself a lesson— I have learned what I needed to learn from that experience.

It’s essentially the same as those that go on a run when they’re feeling frustrated (I highly recommend this). They start their run worked up and hot, yet by the end they feel a release, a perspective that wasn’t there before.

I write because it allows me to reflect on what has happened, and learn the greater lesson involved. I write because it puts my soul at ease.

I started blogging due to the ease and convenience it offers. It’s also more fun to look at your writing on a personalized website rather than a scribbled diary. I started sharing because I thought, maybe someone else could benefit from this as well.

I used to think that dance was my outlet, my escape. I have found that rather, it is my comfort, my familiarity.

But writing is my outlet. Writing allows me to look deeper into the experiences of life, the moments that matter (oh yeah, every single one). Writing forces me to evaluate the life I am living and ensures that it’s the best it can possibly be.

Find your outlet. Find your reflection. Is it yoga? Namaste. Is it working out? I envy you. Is it drawing? Go forth, artsy friend.

Whatever it is, find it, practice it daily— learn from your moments.


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