Stress is Normal

Having a consistent pit in your stomach isn’t normal.

Stress is, unfortunately, normal.

We live in a world filled with standards, deadlines, events, expectations. We live in a world that sometimes smothers us in obligations, smothers us in what we think we need to do.

At some time in our lives, we all feel this way. Weighed down by the list of “shit” to get done. Unable to sleep as different anxious thoughts creep into our minds through the night. Boggled down by the notion that it’s not going to be okay.

Except for it is.

Or at least, it will be.

Yet often, we compromise long term goals of importance for short term results.

Sleep is important. Eating right is important. Exercise is important. Taking the time each day to recognize your blessings and reflect is important. Maintaining a connection between mind, body, universe and spirit- that’s important.

We are all we have.

We are all we have, so why is it then, that our physical, mental and emotional health is so often put on the back burner? Why is it that we just try to skate by, compromising our health just to get ahead?

Heads up- you’re not getting ahead, you’re slowly losing some of what makes you, you.

Work hard, stay up late to work on projects, skip the gym every once an awhile.

Don’t work too hard that you’re anxiety makes you shake, that you lose sleep, that you don’t get physical exercise because “there aren’t enough hours in the day.”

Be cautious of slowly killing yourself as you take on your schedule, as you attempt to live up to different expectations.

Maintain your spirit, feed your soul. Remain connected with your physical abilities, your mental capacities.

Stress is normal, but stress doesn’t rule you.


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