This week was set to be a stressful week, and it probably will be still.

With projects, finals, work, internship, lack of money and procrastination all piling up at once- I seemed to have a bottomless pit of anxiety placed in my stomach which was not being helped by my trip gallivanting around Las Vegas over Thanksgiving weekend.

I worried about having time to eat right, I worried about having time to squeeze in a paper, I worried about the assignments in between. I worried about getting my tasks for work done, and I worried that everyone around me was happy.

While all these worries are important in life, and all of these obligations should be taken seriously, it’s kind of unbelievable how often we let them get in the way.

In the way of what really matters.

I woke up, full of worry and anxiety, with a very largely unchecked to do list. I bustled around the house, just trying to figure out how I was going to get it all done. Thinking about how I was a failure if I didn’t. Thinking about how disappointed I was in myself for letting it happen this way (note to self- finals aren’t you’re own fault).

Yet then, it’s amazing how one thing can happen and change your perspective.

One thing that opens your eyes to the true value of life. One thing that opens your eyes to what really matters.

(If you can’t tell) I figured something out today, something I had lost.

While school, work, health, career and everything else are extremely important, to be taken seriously, and to be worked for, they aren’t the only thing in life.

And they shouldn’t be.

As you stress and worry over finals, school, work, whatever it is that causes any sort of anxiety in your life, I encourage you to take a step back and remember what counts. Remember that you are lucky to be alive, you are lucky to have family and friends, to have relationships worth having. You are lucky to be breathing the air around you.

Take a step back and realize that these anxieties are blessings. Tell the ones you love that you love them. Remember that it is going to be okay. Realize that it all works out, that the people in your life are everything.

Realize that it only takes one thing to change your perspective. Realize that counting your blessings is not an option.

Realize that feeling #blessed is a great place to be.



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