Thanks, Reno

1397545_10201350403621154_293253365_oIt has recently come to my attention that I had become ungrateful for the place that I lived.

Having moved from the beautiful mountains of Montana (we just got electricity, didn’t you hear?), Reno surprisingly stole my heart over the first four years of my time here. The community, the school and the area have worked their way into my soul. Reno is home.

The extensive growth and feeling of community that has come to me throughout my short time here is unbelievable. These four years have allowed me to grow into a new and confident person, but also into my true self. The community feeling has been embedded in my soul, it has allowed me to plant myself here and watch my roots grow.

Moving here from Montana was a big step. Joining different organizations and getting involved in the Reno community were big steps. Along with those big steps, though, came little doubt. The Biggest Little City has a sense of belonging, of purpose that continuously drives me to push through my doubt, to silence my fear.

Reno has turned into a place that I call home. A place that has allowed me to grow. A place that has given me the confidence to go out and conquer my dreams. A place that has given me the opportunity needed to flourish. A place where I have met best friends, mentors and inspirational people. A place that I will come back to, always.

A place that I have no doubts, will do big things.

Yet when anyone asks me what I want to do when I graduate (I DON’T KNOW), I always say I can’t wait to get out.

Why is that?

Why is it that I feel the need to flea this place. This place that has taught me who I do and don’t want to be. This place that I have immersed myself in and grown to love. This place that I love for a reason- because it’s pretty f***ing awesome.

I don’t.

I don’t feel the need to leave. I don’t feel that if I do leave, it would be because I need to, but because moving to Reno has taught me so much about myself that I want to do it all over again- I want to grow in a new place again, and then I want to come back to Reno and say thanks.

I want to say thanks.

Thanks for teaching me what I am capable of. Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for allowing me to stay and loving me, even when I forgot how lucky I was to have you.

And so, I might be here for just 6 more months, I might be here for six more years, I might be here the rest of my life. What I know is that it will always have a place in my heart, I will always come back and I will never take it for granted again (or at least I’ll try).

Thanks, Reno.


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