One Thing

Often, I think we look over just how much our words matter.

It’s amazing how one thing that one person says can just stick with you.

You mull it over in your brain, whether it’s inspiring, thought-provoking, or just a nice thought (and in some unfortunate cases, not so nice).

The comment made may not have been meant for anything other than simple conversation, and the person that said it probably doesn’t understand how much it resonated with you.

Yet as you sit there thinking about it, it has a power over you. It causes you to look at certain things differently, potentially causes you to be inspired to make a change.

And there’s a chance that that person will never know.

And so, it is important to realize the impact you could have.

Think about the many people you have had conversations with in your life. Some of those people, people you might not even remember, may have mulled over in their head one little thing that you said to them.

That’s pretty amazing.

So, next time you have an interaction with someone, remember that what you say matters. Remember that that person might need some inspiration, some positive energy. Remember that that person might take what you say to heart. Remember to be authentic to yourself, yet mindful of others.

And maybe, you should tell that person how much something that they said meant to you. Maybe it’s exactly what that person needs to hear (I won’t be doing that in this case, because, well, I’m working on it and right now I would rather write an ambiguous blog about it instead).

Even if you don’t realize it, your potential for impact on others is insanely vast.

You leave something of yourself with everyone you meet, make sure it matters.


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