Continuously Amazed

This has been a topic I have wanted to write about for a while now.

I recently started a blog, and I have an ever-expanding list of topics and thoughts that I want to write about. Some of them I am ready to write about, others not so much—I still need to learn the lesson that is involved.

I am continuously amazed at all of the incredible things in life. I am continuously getting ideas of things to write about because there are so many amazing things in front of me.

The other day my mom called me and said, “don’t you want to save some of your blogs in case you run out of things to write about?”

No, that’s why I love to write. I will never run out of thoughts. There will always be a lesson to be learned. Everyday? No. But there is no end to the beauty life holds.

There is always something to be inspired about.

I am continuously amazed at well, how incredibly awesome the world is. How awesome people are. How inspiring, motivating and captivating life is.

I want to know it all, I want to see it all. However, this is impossible and at times overwhelming. But that is what makes life so interesting and humbling.

I will always have a reason to write. I will always be inspired. Life’s potential is never-ending. It’s vast, it’s scary and it’s beautiful all at the same time.

When I touch someone with my writing, I feel as though I’m walking on air. A feeling I have never felt before. I feel like I have found it, what I’m here to do. It’s insane, in the best way possible—just like the world.

I want everyone to see the world this way. To see the possibilities it holds and to see their own potential and where they fit in.

We will never be bored in a world so continuously amazing, and once we find what we love, the world really is “at our feet.”


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