The Cool Thing About Creation

Or how this piece of writing came to be.

Assignment: Create something.

Uh, okay.

Most of us have been given tasks at different times in our lives that were so simple, they were hard. We think things like “this has to be a trick,” or “I have to do something exceptional, something genius. You know, read between the lines.”

But maybe there isn’t anything between the lines.

Assignment: Create something.

Uh, okay.

Step one: Make a list of things you can create.

Step two: Attempt to draw picture of flowers because that’s what you looked at on Pinterest for an hour prior and that’s creative, right?

Step three: Try to write a poem about your inner misunderstood soul and realize that you really aren’t that misunderstood at all.

Step four: Freak out because you have no idea what you’re going to create and don’t want to look inadequate in front of the class.

Step five: Start writing with no direction because that’s what you do when you’re stressed.

Step six: Pause, there it is.

The beautiful thing about creation is that it comes in many forms. You are creating something when you speak. You are creating something when you doodle. You are creating something when you paint a masterpiece and you are creating something when you spend extra time decorating your workspace.

Different people create different things, but we all create somehow. One way isn’t better than another and being stuck in one form of creation simply isn’t possible.

When people say they aren’t creative, they aren’t giving themselves enough credit.

There are tasks given to us sometimes that may seem vast and unreachable, but if we just take the time to look at where we go when we’re trying to figure out the answer, it’s usually right there. In my case right at this moment, the answer is writing; in another’s the answer might be in a song. That’s what’s so cool about creation, it’s everywhere. We can create whatever we want and work together with whomever we want to create more.

So, next time you think the assignment is too difficult, it might not be at all. It might be you, second-guessing what is already inside you wanting to come out. Easy? No, but doable? Yes.


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